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Why You Should Preach About Finances

Some pastors avoid talking about money because they're afraid of turning people off. But are you shortchanging your flock if you don't teach on biblical principles of stewardship? read more

Why People Leave the Church

It is unavoidable--people will leave your church, sometimes for valid reasons, sometimes not. Here are the top five reasons people abandon the house of God, and how to handle it when it happens. read more

No Honor

How can ministers so easily break covenant with their congregations and with each other? read more

Can Women Lead the Church?

Gender bias runs deep in the church and has historically prevented women from fulfilling their leadership call. It's time to dispel the myths about the role of women. Let's open our eyes to what the Bible really says. read more

Are Seminaries Making the Grade?

Does the modern seminary provide adequate training for relevant ministry? Peter Wagner says it's time to change the way we prepare students for practical ministry. read more

What the Doctor Recommends

What is on the horizon for the church in the new millennium? Ministries Today interviewed one of Christianity's top thinkers, Dr. C. Peter Wagner, about critical ministry trends in the 21st century. read more

The Seduction of Success

The lures of selfish ambition, illicit sex and financial greed have caused many leaders to fall from grace. You don't have to be their next victim. read more
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